Zero Point

St. Petersburg

Composer Alexey Retinsky presents his electroacoustic performance Zero Point. Large-scale video installations, modern dance, choir voices of musicAeterna and the sound of the Armenian duduk, accompany electroacoustic compositions the author has created over ten years for exhibitions, theatres and city projects in European countries.


In Europe, where he gained his academic education in electroacoustics, Retinsky writes for museums, galleries and theatres, creating music for artists and directors, who seek a modern voice for dance and fine art, or to rethink a cityscape.  These projects form the basis for the album Zero Point – at first glance a collection of autonomous works but unique in that it conceptually unites them into a single expression.  Reflecting the experience of the search for a new sound, the format brings the composer to the attention of non-academic, electronic and even popular musical worlds. 


In this concert, Alexey Retinsky goes beyond simple musical presentation to make multidimensional electroacoustics. Music dominates but has a greater impact than purely auditory.  A multichannel Surround System allows the listener to literally physically sense the anthology of the world sounding around us, as interpreted by the composer in its multifaceted flowering.


The performance is accompanied by a large-scale video installation produced by video art team NOIR Films. The counterpoint to sometimes harsh sounds of electronic music and the poetic visual, are the voices musicAeterna, dance by Lilya Burdinskaya and the soft duduk, Armenia’s national instrument, as played by the composer himself. 

Running time:  1 hour

Alexey Retinsky – composer, live electronic, wind, concept

NOIR Films – video installation

Lilya Burdinskaya – dance

musicAeterna four – choir

Ekaterina Rostovtseva – producer


Performance created with support by Alma Mater Foundation and SDV Arts & Science Foundation