Teodor Currentzis and MusicAeterna

Luzerne Festival
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On April 1 at the Lucerne Festival Teodor Currentzis and musicAeterna will perform “Salve Regina” by Alexey Retinsky.

A concert in the Jesuit Church entitled “Choral music from a thousand years” will open the 4-day musical weekend “Teodor”. In the program: Hildegard von Bingen, Ligeti, Retinsky.

“From the very beginning, one of the hallmarks of Teodor Currentzis and musicAeterna was that rather than be limited to the core Classical and Romantic repertoire, they wanted to explore music history in depth, in both temporal directions: back to the Middle Ages on the one hand and into the present on the other. It is therefore not by chance that the opening concert of the “Teodor” Weekend covers music spanning nearly a thousand years, juxtaposing them in ways that offer rich and insightful new perspectives. In this program titled Lux aeterna, the Abbess Hildegard of Bingen shares space with the avant-garde composer György Ligeti and ancient Byzantine chant from Currentzis’s native Greece meets up with the young Ukrainian Alexey Retinsky. What was assumed  to be old will suddenly sounds strikingly modern, while the seemingly new will turn out to harbor unexpected references to tradition. A shared element: at the center is humanity with its desire to overcome the condition of finitude. What better way could there be to reveal intimations of eternity than music? Teodor Currentzis and his fabulous choir invite you on a spiritual journey.”