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Music theater piece with video installation «Hamlet.Babylon»

for two cellos, flute and three female folk voices

21-22.11.15 19:00 Museums Quartier, Vienna

Directior: Dmytro Kostumynskyj

Music: Alexey Retinsky



«Iphigenia in tauris.Bride for the terrorist»

25-26.09.2015 20:00 Kiev, Dovjenko center12003276_727395424032217_8075608035348619113_n

Music theater piece for chorus, soloists and percussion

Director: Dmitryi Kostiumynskyi

Musik: Alexey Retinsky

Text: Euripides




National Philharmonic of Ukraine

26.08.2015 19:00

«Ultima Thule» Alexey Retinsky Cimbalon-Luigi Gaggero

«Vestnik»  V. Silvestrov

«Carmen Suite» Rodion Shedrin — Geoges Bise



MDR MUSIKSOMMER5551ae705139c150512094032

Eisenach, Wartburg( Festsaal)
Antonii Baryshevskyi will play works of A.Skrjabin, M.Mussorgsky, O.Messiaen, A. Retinsky.



10269598_639333866157076_2708959093030852001_nKontrapunkt +16 festival of experimental music


14.08.2015 20:00





Ten years the project of electroacoustic music and video art EM-VISIA Kiev

31.05.2015 17:00

Premiere of electroacoustic Madrigal «To be here» of Alexey Retinsky


Appelt2_Lichtprojekt_Graz-Reininghaus__AppeltLight project Graz-Reininghaus, 2015


accompanied by an electro.accoustic sound installation by Alexey Retinsky




kz_piano_90025 December 2014, Thursday at 20:00 Sankt Petersburg

premiere in Mariinsky Theatre .

In the programe music of Alexey Retinsky, Messiaen, Ligety and Musorgski. Performed by Antonii Baryshevskyi.



10866192_10202043115238647_8179226326161499535_o24 December 2014, at 15:00 Kiev

electroacoustic music concert




10 December 2014 ,Wednesday  at 21:00  Vienna

Musicperfomance «World without me» at the exhibition «Ich komme aus meiner Mutter».


Sparkassaplatz 3, 1150 Vienna, Austria

3 December 2014, at 21:00 Vienna

Installation «Sleeping Music»
Karmeliterplarz 3,Vienna

 10603499_852947818083681_4888639359661312753_n2 December 2014,  19:00  Kiev

Chamber music concert, in program Bach,Brams and Retinsky.

Budynok Aktora, Yaroslaviv Val 7, Kiev




Audio-Art-Festival-400x32820 November 2014, 18:00  Krakow

Electroacoustic composition for 8 channels «Africa» at the Audio Art Festival CIME/PSeME   .





10625112_795682263788635_7966633454909389025_n-130 September 2014, 19:00 Kiev

Evening of violin music






17 September 2014,  20:00 Kiev

GogolFest, Ingenerna 7B

performance of musical theater «Hamet.Babylon»

direction: Dmytro Kostumynskyj music: Alexey Retinsky



10615984_795542133802648_1689641959372128090_n15 September 2014, at 19:00 Kiev


Piano concert Performed by Antonii Baryshevskyi.In the programe music of Alexey Retinsky, Messiaen, Skryabin.