DAU PARIS – Music Performance

Théâtre de la Ville

For its world premiere in Paris, DAU will occupy Théâtre du Châtelet and Théâtre de la Ville from 24 January to 17 February 2019, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and will also be present at the Centre Pompidou.

Enter DAU and take part in the latest phase of an ongoing experiment that began in DAU’s secret research Institute.
From 2009 and for nearly three years, several hundred people left their everyday lives to go back in time to the Soviet Union, taking up residence at the Institute where they followed a protocol of strict rules. The inhabitants of the Institute were ordinary street cleaners, barmaids, famous artists, philosophers, Nobel Prize-winning scientists, spiritual and religious leaders, secret police or intelligence agents… Cut off from the modern world, for nearly three years they lived and worked together in these unusual circumstances which changed them forever.

In Paris, your experience will include the first ever screenings of the DAU films, which depict the unique personal stories gathered in the Institute. You will have the opportunity to see a few or all of the films, as well as participate in other experiences, which may be spiritual, intellectual, or artistic.

To enter DAU, you will need to obtain a visa, for a set duration which you will choose: 6 hours, 24 hours, or unlimited. In the latter two cases, your journey will be personalized, depending on the results of a psychometric test which you will fill in when you register. These administrative steps are necessary to make your visit the unique experience it should be. DAU is not entertainment: it is an exploration. You need to be willing to take it in.